Keeping the home safe

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Safe This Summer

  • 6th July 2018

Written by Samantha Moate

Summer has well and truly arrived for 2018, and the entire MoveNow team are happy that it has! The sun is out, the World Cup is on and you can buy an ice cream or beer on every street corner. No doubt you’re already thinking about your summer holiday, but before you get too carried away it’s good to keep in mind that your home will be empty for a while every time you head off to the airport or pack up the car. To keep your home and contents as safe as possible whilst you’re away, we’ve put together 5 easy ways to ensure peace of mind when you’re packing for your trip. Happy holidays!

1. Chat to your neighbours

It’s always a good idea to get on the right side of your neighbours. Not only are they likely to be around to spot any potential issues on your street, chances are they’ll be just as concerned as you should any funny business start to occur! If you don’t already know your neighbours, go and knock on their door and introduce yourself. Over time you can get to trust the people who live around you, meaning that your neighbours can become your go-to option for keeping a safe eye on your property. Who knows – if you get to know them very well you could even enlist them for going and feeding the fish or watering the plants should you need them to!

2. Get tech-savvy

Given the advancement of smart technology, it’s now easier than ever to ensure that your home is protected. For maximum security, invest in a smart doorbell with a video feature installed. These doorbells have motion detection sensors which allow you to see exactly who is approaching your home and whether they’re supposed to be there.

Not keen on having your own CCTV? If the idea of setting up your own Big Brother operation sounds a bit too much for you, then why not try smart lighting instead? For a minimal cost, you can set timers with your lights so that they turn on for set hours in the evenings. Pop these lamps close to windows so that any potential burglars think that someone is in.

3. Postpone any relevant deliveries

If your home gets a daily delivery of milk to your doorstep or you subscribe to newspapers or magazines, consider telling your providers before you go to postpone your deliveries whilst you’re away. Nothing says “This home is empty” like a growing pile of milk bottles under your door, boxes of vegetables by the porch or a visible stack of papers sticking out of your letterbox. Another option to avoid these telltale signs is to ask your neighbour to clear these away or get a family member to pop by every other day or so.

4. Avoid sharing that social update

We know how tempting it is to head straight to Facebook and hit “Check In” as soon as you’ve got to an airport, but avoid any social sharing at this stage if you can. Unless your privacy settings are pretty watertight and you’re only sharing this information with your closest friends, tech-savvy thieves are easily able to find these kind of updates and you might as well have put a giant sign outside your home saying: “We’re not in!”

Store up your holiday snaps for when you get home safe again, or if you really can’t resist posting just be mindful of exactly who gets to see this information. Try to avoid stating how long you’ll be away for and who you’re going with.

5. Check the weather forecast

We’re sure you’ll have been glued to the weather forecast for your holiday destination, but what about the weather back at home? Keep an eye on your local weather, as if you’ve got any storms, snow or heavy rain on the way, then you might need to pack away any garden gear to avoid it getting destroyed by the elements. If your bin bags or garden furniture end up strewn across the lawn and don’t get moved, this is a surefire way for burglars to know that you’re not in. Likewise if your grass grows quickly and you’re going away for more than a couple of weeks, see if you can hire someone to come along and cut it for you. Overgrown grass is yet another sign that you’re away on holiday. Stay savvy and sensible and you can easily keep your home safe from any unwanted visitors.

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