Parent and child in spring garden

Why Spring Is The Best Time Of The Year To Sell Your Home

  • 22nd February 2019

Written by Samantha Moate

New beginnings. Fresh flowers. A hint of sunshine. We all associate springtime with better weather and lighter evenings, but did you know that springtime is also a brilliant time to think about putting your property on the market? One common question that we’ve been asked time and time again here at MoveNow Properties is regarding which months of the year are best to start selling. And whilst there are advantages and disadvantages to every season, we thought it was time to wanted to break down exactly what spring has for property sales that the other seasons don’t.

Lighter evenings

Spring will always a good time of year to sell your home because of the optimal balance of lighter evenings and calmer schedules. We all know how hectic the Christmas period gets, and often this chaos results in tighter wallets in January and even into February. By the time March rolls around, the hectic Christmas season is well and truly over and the flowers are starting to bloom again. With everywhere looking bright and fresh, the long dark winter evenings are over so your home has the chance to look more welcoming than it might when fighting the wind and rain of the December and January months.

Fewer holidays

Aside from the slightly longer Easter school break, spring has the advantage of being far less busy than summer. July and August are prime holiday times for families, and so popping your property sale board up at this time means that people are less likely to see it. As people aren’t going on holiday quite so much during March to May, they have more time to save after the Christmas period. The property market starts to improve from February onwards, with trends picking up right until the middle of July. Use this time to spruce up your home and get it ready for viewings. For more tips on how to do this easily, check out our handy guide right here.

Most buyers who have a family will also want to move in spring so that they can be ready and prepared for the start of the school term. It will give them the whole of the summer to get adjusted and cosy. Even people who haven’t yet started their family will be more reluctant to buy in the summer as it’ll be harder for them to book it off work or they may already have holiday plans.

The property market is busier

As the housing market always spikes in spring, every estate agent knows that houses will be more in-demand in the spring rather than the summer and more properties will be on the market. But don’t worry – whilst this might sound like your chances of selling are reduced, the opposite is actually true. The more closed sales that happen, the more your estate agents can compare and better reflect what the value of your home should be, leading it to a higher price. There is a wider range of competition from other buyers too, ultimately leading to bidding wars and a higher selling price.

If you’re looking to buy a new home after you sell yours, this could be the perfect opportunity, especially as you’ll be able to buy a house quicker. Due to spring having longer days and shorter nights, you’ll have more time after work to look into new properties. The housing market also becomes way more flexible, allowing you to juggle buying and selling a whole lot easier!

Are you considering selling your property in the next couple of months? Talk to our team of experts. We can help you get the best price and even find your next perfect home.